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Pearl River Group is a private holding company that owns entities that supply products to the medical, foodservice, restaurant and beauty salon industries worldwide. The company has manufacturing plants in the US and China that makes products ranging from hot oil filters for restaurants to specialty stretcher sheets for ambulance companies.
Pearl River Group companies aim to be the most efficient and low cost supplier to the markets they serve with an emphasis on automating production for traditionally labor-intensive product lines. The company’s business model is predicated on contract manufacturing private label products for market leaders in niche markets.
With an emphasis on low costs and dependable shipping and delivery Pearl River Group companies offers exceptional value to its customer. The result has been double-digit growth in 9 of the past 10 years. The goal is to remain the manufacturing leader in the markets served by investing in core assets that continuously drive down costs.

Meet Our Team

Bill Marks

Bill Marks

Prior to joining the company in 2002, he worked for Little Rapids Corporation, a manufacturer of paper and converted products to the medical, foodservice and beauty industries. At Little Rapids he served as Manager of Marketing and Development for the Specialty Papers Division and as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Graham Medical Division....
Craig Cheevers

Craig Cheevers

Director of Operations
Prior to joining Altior Industries in November 2010 he served as Founder and President of South Florida Printing Images Corporation for 15 years. His company produced and marketed a broad line of prints, greeting cards, and novelty items using exclusive artwork and images from contracted artists.
John Lucas

John Lucas

Director of Manufacturing
Recently received his bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after serving on service mission to Taiwan for two years. He was deeply involved in improving efficiencies at the company’s manufacturing plant in China and oversees manufacturing at the company’s plant in Monroe, NC. John has an extensive knowledge...
Tiffany Lowery

Tiffany Lowery

Accounting Manager
Tiffany has worked in several accounting positions for various manufacturers in the Charlotte area before overseeing the accounting operations at Altior Industries in 2003.

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